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The more people publicly endorse your product, the more likely potential customers will follow through and research doing business with you. Prioritize your business reputation in your marketing plan.


Google loves to see businesses receive regular positive reviews. The key is to make the review process simple and easy for the customer to complete.


A link is created unique to the business. This link allows clients to quickly rate that they had a Five Gold Stars experience with the business.


Boro Business Lab works to make sure that each business profile is regularly acquiring reviews via the custom review link and that those reviews are receiving responses.


If the business uses their custom review link with their clients, friends, and colleagues they will receive reviews and we will respond to those reviews, giving them credibility and public approval.

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Features and Benefits

Here are some features and benefits from the 2nd step of the “Get More Customers” formula.  You’re about to get Five Gold Stars.

Custom Review Link

Businesses with this service receive a unique, custom review link that serves the purpose of easily getting more reviews but also intercepting negative reviews.

Review Campaigns

As a part of this service, the business can provide our team with a list of clients and we can start a review campaign on their behalf. They don't even have to ask for the reviews themselves.


When a business receives a raving review on Google, someone from our team will respond to it! This is further activity on Google, proving that your business is living and thriving!

More Reviews

Because our team has made it easy and we are asking for reviews on behalf of the business, this results in more reviews.

Public Approval

The more people publicly endorse your product the more likely potential customers will follow through and research doing business with you.


If people are positively reviewing your business, product, or service the more credible you become in your claims and offerings.

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Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Can you get rid of negative reviews?

We can request removal of negative reviews on behalf of a business.  We can also respond to negative reviews professionally with our tried and true method and help get good reviews to bury the negative ones.

Absolutely, it’s your business profile!  If you want our help, we are always here!

You can always use your custom review link to quickly and easily request reviews from happy customers.  If you don’t want to do that, all we need from you is a list of clients and their email addresses and we will generate a review campaign on your behalf!