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Our values

Why Choose Boro Business Lab?

The biggest thing that sets us apart is our relational approach to digital marketing. We love our clients, and we treat their business like it’s our own. We answer their phone calls, respond to their emails, and we don’t charge them money that they don’t need to spend. Our clients tell us that our prices are much lower than other firms, and we’re perfectly fine with that. Murfreesboro is our city, and we take great joy in helping our local businesses thrive with our Digital Marketing Agency.

Always Do What's Right

Never sell something that is not going to be beneficial to the client.

Be Humble And Honest

Give honest recomendations, admit when we’re wrong, and work to make it right.

Get Work Done And Have Fun

Get results for our clients, and have fun doing it.

Boro Business Lab Team
Learn About Us

Who is Boro Business Lab?

The Boro Business Lab was designed by a group of digital marketing agencies in the Murfreesboro, TN area who hear struggling business owners ask the same questions every day. So we made a place where they can come to get some answers.

We use our “Get More Customers Formula” to diagnose precisely what a local business needs to grow through marketing. We don’t overwhelm our clients with charts and data that takes hours and a Ph.D. to understand. We report to them how much money they made from our marketing efforts. It’s simple, affordable, and measured by a return on investment. 

How Boro Business Was Formed.

Jeremy Lee, Dean Heasley, and Josh Griffin met in 2016 through a local co-working space in Murfreesboro, TN. Learning that each was all in the digital marketing space and virtual competitors, they became good friends and worked together instead of competing against each other. It is in their nature to help others, which spawned the idea of the first Boro Business Lab Training event. With that same friendship and collaboration, they became official business partners in 2020 to combine their expertise to help small and large businesses uniquely.

Sad stories that we hear constantly.......

“Marketing companies don’t get back to you in time.”

“I don’t know what I’m paying for.”

“They are holding my stuff hostage.”

“I can’t get ahold of my website person.”

“They won’t give me full access to the website that I paid for.”

“They won’t give me my domain name unless I pay them more money.”

“They built me a website and it’s too complicated to use.”


Years of combined experience.


Local Businesses served throughout the years.


Given back to the community.

Our Team

Meet Your Marketing Experts

Integration Specialist
Social Media Contractor
Sales Representative
Website Designer & Developer
Social Media Manager
Outsourced Bookkeeper
Social Media Contractor
Website Designer & Developer
Project Manager
Digital Marketing Assistant
Copywriting Specialist
Business Development
Onboarding Specialist
Sales Representative
We Love Murfreesboro!

Bringing Fun To Our Community.

We love helping local business but we really love having fun, and sharing fun. Throughout the years we have done many things to help our community such as throwing a raging 80s themed prom dance for adults, volunteering with different non-profit organizations, interviewing over 30 business owners for bestofmurfreesborotn.com, and presenting many different marketing classes. We’re always thinking of fun things to do. Follow us on social media for the next fun event!