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It's Time to Get Social

Social Media platforms inform potential customers about the product or service and also offer space to show off personality! Boost trust in your business by using social media in your marketing strategy.


Everyone is on social media all day long, so it is important that every business grows a presence on these platforms.


We set up business profiles from scratch but can also use an existing business social media profile to build consistent presence and information on these platforms.


Boro Business Lab presents businesses fresh ideas and plans content based on the target audience that each business is trying to reach. With approval, we create content that makes a business stand out on Facebook and Instagram!


Building consistent brand image should be a number one priority when it comes to social media. Think of your platform like a digital portfolio for your business. When you show up consistently, people will remember you when they need to use your service.

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Features and Benefits

Here are some features and benefits from the 4th step of the “Get More Customers” formula.  You’re about to be socially savvy.

Quality Posts

Our team works diligently to create quality posts for your social media on a consistent basis.


Once the monthly content is approved, our team does all the work of scheduling each post.


Our team is learning the updates, trends, and best practices each month so that we can best serve you and your business.


Social media is an innovative form of marketing. With our team’s help you will be getting on with the trends and elevating your online presence.


Your social media is like a digital portfolio. When someone new comes onto your page they will know who you serve, what you do, and how you can help them with their needs.


We Won't Quit

When things get tough or change, we won’t give up on a business' account. We are here to partner with the business to see their social media become successful, no matter what the goals are.

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Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Will I Get more followers?

Sure, probably!   Followers are not always the gauge by which success on social media is measured.  Our team works to grow a faithful, quality audience on your page.

Social media success doesn’t happen overnight.  Success is achieved by following a cultivation process. We need time to learn your account and work on behalf of you and your business.

You are at your business every day and you know your business better than anyone. This means that you are responsible for sending us content. We can use some stock images when applicable, but prefer that the client sends us regular content each month.