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The Boro Business Lab Podcast

Listen to us share the secrets to improving your digital marketing.

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Every year Dean Heasley, Jeremy Lee, and Josh Griffin host the Boro Business Lab for small business owners in Murfreesboro, TN. This year's event was incredible and we end our first season of the Boro Business Lab podcast by giving you highlights from each presentation. Our thanks go to our friend, Britney Binkley, from Cloud Cycle Marketing for being a part of our event this year. We're excited you'll hear highlights from her talk as well. Thanks for a great first season to the podcast. We're excited to bring you Season 2 very soon. (Also, Jeremy wants to give a public apology to Britney for pronouncing her last name "Brinkley" instead of Binkley during this episode. Just know that he forgets his own name every once in a while as well!)

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In this episode we talk marketing plans. It's crucial to build a solid plan for your marketing efforts so you don't wast time and money. A great marketing plan also helps you get your team on this same page and headed the same direction. But how do you create a marketing plan for your business and what should be included in the plan? The team from Boro Business Lab give you four strategies during this episode that you can copy and paste right into your marketing plan.

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Dean Heasley, Jeremy Lee, and Josh Griffin from Boro Business Lab share three of their favorite ways to grow your email list in this episode. An email list is the best digital asset your company can have. We all still regularly do business in our inboxes and that makes email the perfect place to sell your products and services. The bigger the email list, the more opportunity you have to grow your business. So let's learn how to get those email addresses!

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We hear stories every day of business owners who've been taken advantage of by some digital marketing firm they found on the internet across the country or around the world. They end up frustrated about poor results, wasted money, and they don't even know where the person they were working with is located! At Boro Business Lab we love local businesses. Building relationships that are founded on trust is our bread and butter. We do our best in this episode to convince you to stay local with your digital marketing!

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Have you ever tried to get reviews for your business? It's not always that easy. When you first start you ask your grandmother, your cousins, your next-door neighbors, and anyone who owes you a favor to leave a review for your brand new business. But what happens when you run out of friends to ask? This episode is all about learning how to develop a process in your business to regularly get positive reviews. And yes, we also discuss what to do when you get a negative review as well.

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Something magical happens when you start seeing new traffic to your website and customers to your business. This episode is all about figuring out how to make Google do the heavy lifting for the marketing of your business. Dean Heasley, Jeremy Lee, and Josh Griffin spend time on this episode unpacking how you can hear, "We found you on Google!" more often.

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The team at Boro Business Lab in Murfreesboro, TN shares why it's so important for local businesses to claim their business on Google. You'll discover tips and tricks on how to create and optimize your "Google My Business" profile. Dean Heasley, Jeremy Lee, and Josh Griffin share stories of businesses in Murfreesboro that have done an excellent job building their profile on Google.

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Dean Heasley, Jeremy Lee, and Josh Griffin debut a brand new digital marketing podcast for small business owners in Murfreesboro, TN, and the surrounding area. In this episode, the guys discuss the four mistakes that businesses most commonly make on their website. Does your website have one of these mistakes? Listen to this episode to find out what they are and how to fix them.
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