Ladies of the Lab Networking Events for Women in Murfreesboro, TN

Ladies of the Lab Podcast

Ladies of the Lab is a podcast hosted by Meghan Smith, a lady of Boro Business Lab.  On the podcast, I try to cover all things digital marketing, current favorites all around, work-life balance, and the fun in between.

About Us

Exploring Digital Marketing and Women in Leadership

Ladies of the Lab loves to create a space where listeners can learn a little bit about business and marketing, have a laugh over something they totally identify with, and feel safe to climb up into the tree of trust about here they are right now.  On this podcast you’ll hear us:

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Networking Events

Let's Get This Party Started

How many networking events have you been to that were, quite honestly, super lame?  Ladies of the Lab desires to connect with other women in business or leadership in a way where the vibes aren’t too stuffy.  We create an environment where networking is about learning something new, celebrating other women in business, and having a good time!

Speaking Engagements

Interested in having us speak to your business about social media, branding, or other digital marketing topics?  We totally do that!