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Digital Ads

Digital ads allow a business to get immediate visibility in either Google Search or using Facebook & Instagram. With the right setup, management, maintenance, and optimization businesses can get leads quickly and efficiently.

Immediate Visibility

Turning on a digital advertising campaign can immediately generate eyes on your business and then traffic, awareness, and engagement. For quick wins, using digital ads in your marketing strategy.


Whether it’s Google Ads or Facebook Ads or any paid advertising platform— without professional help it could make you want to pull your hair out.


With the help of the business, we determine the budget and set up the ad campaign based on their desired keywords and other vital information.


Boro Business Lab watches, analyzes, and adjusts the campaign on a monthly basis in order to optimize the ad campaign for top performance over time.


In addition to leads and website traffic, a business using digital ads can expect more real estate taken up on a single search results page. This is good for brand recognition, as well as creating trust and credibility with a searcher.

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Features and Benefits

Here are some features and benefits from the 6th step of the “Get More Customers” formula.  Hopefully you’re ready to scale your business.

Account Creation

Boro Business Lab creates an ad account on behalf of the business. From here we can manage all campaigns and other necessary information.


Ad Setup

Boro Business Lab writes the ads, writes the ad extensions, and enters all the geographic and budgetary settings.


On a monthly basis after setup, we continually optimize for new keywords, negative keywords, bid optimization, ad creative testing, and comparing ad spends and conversion rates over previous periods.


Using paid ads for a local business can sometimes feel like throwing money out the window. With our expertise, businesses can trust their ad spend is used wisely.


Google Ads allows businesses to rise to the top of search results within a few days as compared to other methods, which can take weeks or months.


Leads will come in faster for the business once they are using digital ads. This provides the business an opportunity to sell.

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Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Is this process complicated?

Running digital ads without the help of a professional can be very difficult.  After you give us the necessary information for setup, all you have to do is watch the business come in and wait for updates from us!

Of all the digital marketing services, digital ads most definitely provides the quickest results by way of leads and website traffic!

As long as Boro Business Lab has information regarding monthly ad spend, any upcoming promotions, and what keywords a business wants to use-we need little to nothing from a business to run ads on their behalf!