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#008: The Season Finale Ends with Highlights from our Live Event

Every year Dean Heasley, Jeremy Lee, and Josh Griffin host the Boro Business Lab for small business owner in Mufreesboro, TN.  This year's event was incredible and we end our first season of the Boro Business Lab podcast by giving you highlights from each presentation.  Our thanks go to our friend, Britney Binkley, from Cloud Cycle Marketing for being a part of our event this year.  We're excited you'll hear highlights from her talk as well.  Thanks for a great first season to the podcast.  We're excited to bring you Season 2 very soon.  (Also, Jeremy wants to give a public apology to Britney for pronouncing her last name "Brinkley" instead of Binkley during this episode. Just know that he forgets his own name every once in a while as well!)

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Digital Marketing Business owners in Murfreesboro, TN

If you’ve heard of the Justice League of America or the Avengers…. it’s kind of like the marketing version of that. The Boro Business Lab was designed by a group of digital marketing agencies in the Murfreesboro, TN area who hear struggling business owners ask the same questions every day. So they made a place where they can come to get some answers for websites, social media, online presence, search engine optimization. We are a full service Digital Marketing Agency ready to grow your business like no one else can!

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Strategic Marketing Solutions

Full Service Digital Marketing

With the combined expertise of 3 digital marketing agencies, Boro Business Lab is able to offer unique strategic marketing solutions to large businesses. We only work with a couple vetted companies at a time. 

Small Business Marketing Products

Small business is the heart at what we do everyday and Boro Business Lab is actively creating digital solutions to increase small businesses visibilty and reach at affordable costs. & are the first of those solutions.

& Trainings

Every year, Boro Business Lab puts on an all day training event to give our knowledge to local businesses around the Murfreesboro, TN area. Additionally, we have smaller lunch and learns throughout the year.


What People are saying

I attend all the marketing workshops in the area. Boro Business Lab is the best. Incredible information and not "salesy."
Leslie Russell Yost

This was great. As I think about my business and the value of this digital marketing piece, I realize there is a part of my digital footprint that is missing. I see the digital marketing aspect as a supplement to my relationship building business.
Art Kelly
about us

Murfreesboro Marketing Consultants

Jeremy Lee, Dean Heasley, and Josh Griffin met in 2016 through a local co-working space in Murfreesboro, TN. Learning that each were all in the digital marketing space, and essentially competitors, they became good friends and worked together instead of competing against each other. It is in their nature to help others, and that is what spawned the idea of the first Boro Business Lab Training event. With that same friendship and collaboration they became official business partners in 2020 to combine their expertise to help small and large businesses in a unique way. 

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”

~ Albert Einstein

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Whether you work with us or not, we always think of your business as our own and will recommend options that we would implement for our own business. If that means sending you somewhere else, you can rest assured that you will get honest and valuable recommendations for your business.

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