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E-mail Marketing


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E-mail Marketing

We all still do business in our inboxes every day. Email marketing can be an excellent opportunity for your business to make sales online. That makes your email list the best digital asset you can own.

Inbox Business

Grow a healthy email list and it will become the most valuable digital asset in your business. Every business needs to be keeping in touch with previous customer in their digital marketing strategy.


Email marketing is a way to stay top-of-mind with your audience. It is also a great way to build your brand and sell your services.


We use an email marketing tool to send newsletters for our clients. After being set up in our system add an existing email list provided by the client.


Unique monthly content goes out on behalf of the business that signs up fo this service. We also help create a lead magnet so that the business can get new email subscribers along the way!


Boro Business Lab communicates regularly via email on behalf the business. We also create a downloadable resource that potential customers can find value in. For some businesses, we actually compile their contacts into a list that they can have.

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Features and Benefits

Here are some features and benefits of the 5th step of our “Get More Customers” formula.  You’re about to capitalize on your e-mail list!

Lead Magnet

We help create a lead magnet, which is a helpful piece of downloadable content, and we add that to the client’s website to capture email addresses.

Monthly Newsletter

Each month we send out one newsletter of helpful content, promotions or event announcements.

Sign Up Form

Boro Business Lab helps businesses create an email newsletter signup form that can be implemented on their website!

Website Traffic

In email marketing, we want to direct customers to a location, such as the client website or a downloadable piece of content.


Brand Awareness

When you are top-of-mind aka in their inbox, people will always remember you and talk about your business. Email marketing is kind of like a billboard.


With an organized email list, you can directly communicate with your customers on a personal level because they trust you.

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Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Do I own my email list?

Absolutely! You own the list and we can provide it for you at any time!

Email List Maintenance is top priority.  We work to cultivate list health on your behalf.

It helps so much if the business we represent regularly provides announcements and promotional information that they want shared.  We also ask that the client work with us to develop the initial idea for the lead magnet.