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The Season Finale Ends with Highlights from our Live Event

Episode 8

Show Notes

Every year Dean Heasley, Jeremy Lee, and Josh Griffin host the Boro Business Lab for small business owners in Murfreesboro, TN. This year’s event was incredible and we end our first season of the Boro Business Lab podcast by giving you highlights from each presentation. Our thanks go to our friend, Britney Binkley, from Cloud Cycle Marketing for being a part of our event this year. We’re excited you’ll hear highlights from her talk as well. Thanks for a great first season to the podcast. We’re excited to bring you Season 2 very soon. (Also, Jeremy wants to give a public apology to Britney for pronouncing her last name “Brinkley” instead of Binkley during this episode. Just know that he forgets his own name every once in a while as well!)

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