Paid Advertising

We help you use paid ads, also known as Pay Per Click, strategically to generate new leads to your business through Google.


You can get more customers starting at just $299/month. We believe in high quality work at affordable rates. We often hear that our rates are lower than other agencies.

Why You Need This Service

It’s easy to waste money on paid advertising. There are a lot of changes to each platform that make it hard to keep up. We highly recommend hiring professionals to help you with paid advertising through Google. Paid advertising is one of the best ways to scale your business when done correctly. It’s also a way to shortcut ranking higher, because you are paying to be seen.

paid advertising through Google

How We've Helped Other Businesses

Take a look at how we’ve helped other businesses, like yours, with paid advertising. 

One of our clients creates custom furniture in their city. Boro Business Lab implemented paid advertising into their marketing toolkit. They frequently get multiple leads in a single day for their custom furniture. After a few months of using us, they had to rearrange their factory to accommodate the higher demand.

Boro Business Lab Team

What's Included

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included in our Paid Ads service, and what you can expect to see from us.

Campaign Setup

We go through a specific process to get your campaign started correctly on Google. This is paramount to getting good results.

Negative Keyword List

We create a list that tells Google what keywords we don't want to spend money on, saving you money.

Monthly Optimization

Each month we go in, adjust bids and keywords, and check to see which time of the day is most active.

Want Fast Results?

Ready to Start?

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