Online Directories & Reviews

We help you get started by claiming your business on Goggle and make sure that you are listed in the most important local directories online. From there, we help you generate more positive reviews and protect your online reputation.


You can get more customers starting at just $299/month. We believe in high quality work at affordable rates. We often hear that our rates are lower than other agencies.

Why You Need This Service

Directories are like speakers spread across the internet. When they are all turned on and consistently blasting your business’s details, Google can easily verify that you are a legit local business. So, it’s important for you to claim your business and be listed in all of your local directories online for potential customers to be able to find you.

Once they have found you and visit, it’s important to make sure they are spreading the word about your business for you, but in a positive light.

We have a system that not only helps generate more positive online reviews for you, but also allows for the negative reviews to be brought to your attention first, without hitting the media, so that you can keep your good reputation.

Online Reputation Management

How We've Helped Other Businesses

See how we’ve helped other businesses, like yours, generate more positive reviews online and have kept the positive word buzzing around town about their business.

Jeremy Lee from BBL

We helped one realtor get a ton of new reviews for his Google My Business page. Recently, he had a client reach out to him from a different state who found him online. That person searched for realtors in general, and was attracted to our client because of his positive reviews. That ultimately became a million dollar listing.

What's Included

Here is a quick breakdown into what is all included in our Online Directories and Reviews service, and what you can expect to see from us.

Optimize Google My Business

We help your business get claimed on Google and make sure your listing is optimized and freshened up on a weekly basis.

Generate Positive Reviews

Generate positive reviews by making it easier for customers to brag about your business. (And have a process for dealing with negative reviews)

Get Listed In Multiple Local Directories

These directories will help you to get found by customers who live near you or want to buy something from your local area. Listing your business on these sites is an easy process that can be done quickly!

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