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Digital Marketing Services

It’s easy to get confused about your marketing plan. We see this all the time working with businesses around Murfreesboro and beyond. That’s why we created a proven step-by-step formula that tells you what to do and when to do it. It’s called the “Get More Customers” Formula. When all 7 steps are executed properly it’s guaranteed to bring more customers.

The beauty of the formula is that each service brings traffic, and with traffic comes leads, and with leads you make sales. When doing each of the points listed actively and effectively your business grows.

Secondly, the formula is listed in order of importance. So, if a business has no idea where to start, then we start at the top and work our way down. As our client goes, we can grow with them. Start with one service and grow to invest in the next service. The formula is a framework.


Online Directories

Directories are like speakers spread across the internet. When they are all turned on and consistently blasting your business’s details, it creates authority, credibility and visibility.

Reviews & Reputation

Reviews, public endorsement of a product or service, make a business viable and trustworthy in the eyes of the public. This asset is invaluable for people who are on the hunt for the right business to serve their needs.


A website is a digital storefront. A quality and well-designed website can create instant credibility. When a website also provides clear information and a call to action, it makes a valuable asset to your business.

Social Media

Showing up consistently on social media platforms and keeping up with all of the trends is not only an asset to your business but a way to make sure when someone needs your product or services, you're the first to come to mind.

Email Marketing

We all still do business in our inboxes every day. Email marketing can be an excellent opportunity for your business to make sales online. That makes your email list the best digital asset you can own.

Digital Ads

Digital ads allow a business to rise to the top of search results within a few days. With the right set up, management, maintenance, and optimization businesses can get leads quickly and efficiently.

Search Engine Optimization

The process of organizing a digital footprint can be a company's best chance to rank higher on Google. If done properly, this can skyrocket leads and new customers.